AE+JE (Mechanical Engineering)

Assistant Engineer (AE) coaching classes for Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical is an evergreen branch among all Engineering branches. Mechanical Engineers have an important role and responsibility to design and manufacture something new product that is helpful to the development of the Nation.

Assistant Mechanical Engineer (AE) have a great responsibility to contribute to the defense sector and the power sector.

Assistant Mechanical Engineer (AE) create solutions and solve problems, playing a central role in the design and implementation of moving parts in a range of industries. Responsibility of Mechanical Engineering to research and developed the products for which are helpful for our society.

There are many sectors in which Assistant Engineer (AE) serves the Nation such as Govt.-sector, Private sector, PSU’s, etc. It also has a key responsibility to design products and solve challenging problems. Mechanical Engineers have many scopes to build our carrier in the world.

There are so many sectors in which Mechanical Engineers serve the Nation such as Govt. sector, Private sector, PSU’s, etc. In Govt. Sector State-AE Exam like BPSC-AE Mechanical Engineering, UPPSC-AE Mechanical Engineering, JPSC-AE Mechanical Engineering, RPSC-AE Mechanical Engineering, MPPSC-AE Mechanical Engineering, etc. In all state Assistant Engineer(AE) post is Recruitment through the State Public Service Commission. Modulation Institute New Delhi is One of the Best Online Coaching for BPSC-AE Mechanical Engineering, UPSC-AE Mechanical Engineering, RPSC-AE Mechanical Engineering, MPPSC-AE Mechanical Engineering.
Assistant Mechanical Engineer (AE) syllabus is very close to IES Mechanical Syllabus. Modulation Institute Delhi Provide Full Course Video Lecture and Live Class also for all State-AE Level Exam like BPSC-AE Mechanical Engineering, UPSC-AE Mechanical Engineering, RPSC-AE Mechanical Engineering, MPPSC-AE Mechanical Engineering, and Study Material of Mechanical Engineering AE syllabus.
After completing the Mechanical Engineering degree students have an option to join such as 1. Higher Education (M.Tech).
2. Job in the Private sector.
3. Job in Govt. Sector ( BPSC-AE Mechanical Engineering, UPSC-AE Mechanical Engineering, RPSC-AE Mechanical Engineering, MPPSC-AE Mechanical Engineering)
4. Job in PSU’s.
Most of the students have first priority to choose a job in the Govt. Sector.
Every govt. organization Conducting Two or three-level examinations for recruiting Mechanical Assistant Engineer (AE) .

Exam Pattern of Mechanical Assistant Engineer (AE)

Mechanical Assistant Engineer (AE) has exam patterns follow as CBT & Personal interviews.

Compulsory Papers

Name of Test
Type Of Paper
General EnglishObjective1 Hour100 Marks
General HindiObjective1 Hourl100 Marks
General StudiesObjective1 Hour100 Marks
General Engineering ScienceObjective1 Hour100 Marks

Optional Papers

Mechanical Engineering – 1Objective1 Hour100 Marks
Mechanical Engineering – 2Objective1 Hourl100 Marks

Vacancies Opening for Mechanical Assistant Engineer (AE) in Different Sector

Central and State govt. has a lot number of vacancies in Mechanical engineering as compared to other engineering streams.

1. PSU’s:

From 2020 most of the PSU’s are removed from the GATE Exam.

In this era 2020, PSU’s is the best carrier option after B.Tech(Mechanical engineering.)

List of PSU’s Name:

Maharatna Group:

This is the biggest segment of PSU’s which provides many facilities to employ as compared to mini Ratna and Navratna.<[p>


Navaratna Group:


State Govt. Vacancy:

PWD, Irrigation department, MWRD, Urban housing development, Electricity Department.

AE exam conducted by State PSE like BPSC, RPSC, UPPSC, JPSC, etc.

How to Prepare for Mechanical Assistant Engineer (AE) ?

Every Mechanical Assistant Engineer (AE) organization such as PSU’s, Central and State Department, which recruiting the students by conducting two or three-stage examinations either Online or offline followed by an interview.

The Mechanical Assistant Engineer (AE) branch has a number of papers in the Technical segment. In all Papers of Mechanical some papers are logical and some papers are theoretical and numerical based.

The organizing body which conducting the paper asking logical and numeric based questions. The Mechanical Assistant Engineer (AE) exam conducting body has both technical and Non-Technical segment.

During the preparation of Mechanical Assistant Engineer (AE) firstly analyze the paper, which paper plays an important role in our selection. According to this, plan your study according to strategy-based. Modulation Team analyzes such paper which is more significant both technical and Non-technical.

Technical Paper:

1.SOM 2. Fluid Mechanics 3. Thermodynamics 4. Production Engineering 5. RAC 6. IC Engine 7. HMT 8. Power Plant Engineering
9. Hydraulic Machine 10. Engineering Mechanics 11. Material Science 12. Industrial Engineering 12. Theory of Machine 14. Machine Design


1. General Science (Physics, Chemistry, Life science)
2. Reasoning
3. General Awareness (History, Polity, Geography, Economics, Current Affairs)
4. Aptitude Math (Basic Level)
5. General English (Basic Level)

How Modulation Institute Help You?

Modulation is India’s Leading institute for Online Assistant Engineer (AE) Classes for Mechanical Engineering. In Online Assistant Engineer (AE) for Mechanical Engineering Course Modulation provide Full Course Video Lecture, Study Material, Practice Set and Online Test Series.

In the Recorded video Lecture of Mechanical Assistant Engineer (AE) course, all the topic covered as Syllabus of AE of respective subject.

Modulation team prepare the video lecture on the concern of student so that every student easily understand each and every concept.

This Video lecture having all course content of Mechanical Assistant Engineer (AE) & students can cover both Paper I and Paper II.

Modulation team regularly connected with student and try to solve the problem which student is facing.

Modulation Institute have a very experienced faculty of respective subject.

Modulation have one Research and Development team which design some innovative question and mock test which is very helpful for the students.

Modulation Institute provide the sufficient content (Video Lecture, Study Material, Question Bank and Practice set).

Modulation Technical Faculty

Mechanical Department

Er. Azzaj Sir

B.Tech/ M.Tech

Mechanical Department

Er. Azzaj Sir

B.Tech/ M.Tech

Mechanical Department

Er. Azzaj Sir

B.Tech/ M.Tech

Mechanical Department

Er. Azzaj Sir

B.Tech/ M.Tech

Modulation Covered all topic in video lecture

Paper I ( Technical)

Sr.NoSubjectTopic CoveredTotal Hours.Faculty Name
1Engineering MechanicsAnalysis of force systems, friction, cendtroid and centre of gravity, trusses and beams, principle of virtual work, kinematics and kinetics of particle, kinematics and kinetics of rigid bodies.50 hr. Anurag Sir
2Mechanics of SolidsMechanics of SolidsVelocity and acceleration of links, cams and followers gears and gear trains clutches, belt drives, brakes and dynamometers, Flywheel and governors, balancing of rotating and reciprocating masses, balancing of multi-cylinder engines, Free and forced vibration, damped vibration, whirling of shafts.50 HoursAnurag Sir
3Mechanics of SolidsStresses and strains, compound stresses strains, Torsion of circular shafts, stresses and deflections in beams unsymmetrical bending, curved beams, Thin and thick cylinders and spheres, Buckling of columns, Energy methods, helical and leaf springs <50 HoursAnurag Sir
4Design of Machine Elements Design for Static and dynamic loading, Theories of failure, fatigue principles of design of rivetted, welded and bolted joints, shafts, springs, bearings, brakes, clutches and flywheels.50 HoursAnurag Sir
5Engineering Materials Crystal systems and crystallography, crystal imperfections, Alloys and Phase diagrams, Heat treatment, ferrous and non ferrous metals and alloys, Mechanical properties and testing50 HoursAnurag Sir
6ManufacturingMetal casting, metal forming, metal joining, Mechanics of metal cutting, machining and machine tool operations, unconventional machining methods limits, fits and tolerances, inspection: Surface roughness, comparators, computer integrated manufacturing, Flexible manufacturing systems, jigs and fixtures50 HoursAnurag Sir
7Industrial Engineering Production, planning and control, inventory control and operation, research, CPM and PERT50 HoursAnurag Sir
7Mechatronics and Robotics Microprocessors and microcontrollers, Architecture, Programming, Computer interfacing Programmable logic controller, sensors and actuators, Piezoelectric accelerometers, Hall effect sensors, optical encoder, resolver, Inductosyn, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Actuators, stepper motor, control system, mathematical modeling, control signals, controllability and observability, Robotics: Robot classification, robot specification. Notation: Direct and inverse kinematics homogeneous co-ordinates and arm equation of four axix SCARA Robot 30 Hours Anurag Sir

Paper II( Technical)

Sr.NoSubjectTopic CoveredTotal Hours.Faculty Name
1Thermodynamics Thermodynamic systems and processes, properties of pure substances, concepts and applications of zeroth, first and second law of thermodynamics, entropy, availability and irreversibility, detailed analysis of thermodynamic cycles, ideal and real gases, fuels and combustion20 HoursGajendra Sir
2Fluid MechanicsBasic concepts and properties of fluids, manometry, fluid statics, buoyancy, equations of motion, Bernoulli's equation and applications, viscous flow of incompressible fluids, laminar and turbulent flows, flow through pipes and head losses in pipes, dimensional analysis, Forces on immersed bodies and boundary layer over a flat plate, isentropic and adiabatic flows, normal shock waves30 HoursMam
3Heat TransferModes of heat transfer, steady and unsteady heat conduction, thermocouple time constant, critical thickness of insulation, heat transfer from fins, momentum and energy equations for boundary layer flow on a flat plate. Free and forced convection, radiation heat transfer, Stefan-Boltzmann law, shape factor, black and grey body radiation heat exchange, boiling and condensation, heat exchanger analysis, LMTD and NTU – effectiveness methods10 HoursSir
4Energy Conversion SI and CI engines, performance characteristics and testing of IC engines, combustion phenomena in SI and CI engines, carburetion and fuel injection systems, emissions and emission control. Reciprocating and rotary pumps, pelton wheel, Francis and Kaplan turbines, velocity diagrams impulse and reaction principles steam and gas turbines; Rankine and Brayton cycles with regeneration and reheat, high pressure boilers, draft, condensers. Unconventional power systems, including nuclear, MHD, biomass, wind and tidal systems, utilization of solar energy; Reciprocating and rotary compressors; theory and applications, Theory of propulsions, pulsejet and ramjet engines30 HoursSajid ali Sir
5Environmental Control Vapour compression, vapour absorption, steam jet and air refrigeration systems, properties of refrigerant and their nomenclature, psychometrics properties and processes, psychrometic relations, use of pschrometic chart, load estimation, supply air conditions, sensible heat factors, air conditioning system layout, comfort chart, comfort and industrial air conditioning25 Hours Sir


Sr.NoSubjectTopic CoveredTotal Hours.Faculty Name
1General English (Qualifying) Reading Comprehension
Fill in the Blanks
Cloze Test
Sentence Improvement
One Word Substitution
Error Detection
Direct and Indirect Speech
Active and Passive Voice
Jumbled Sentence
Sentence Rearrangement
20 HoursGajendra Sir
2General Hindi (Qualifying) Reading Comprehension
Fill in the Blanks
Hindi Grammar
30 HoursMam
3Economics10 HoursSir
4General Studies Current Affairs
Static GK
Awards & Honours
Currencies & Capitals
30 HoursSajid ali Sir
5Reasoning25 Hours Sir

Fee Structure

SSC-JE Full Course

In this course we provide Video Lecture + Study Material +Online Test Series

Sr.NoCourseDownloadable Course (fee)Pen Drive Course Fee
1Full Course (Only Technical) 7500/ Book Now10,500/
2Full Course(Only Non-Technical) 3500/5000/
5Full Course( Tech + Non-Tech) 10,00013,000

SSC-JE Subject Wise Course

In this course You can join for Single or Multiple subject what you want.

Sr.NoSubjectDownloadable Course FeePen Drive Course Fee
1Building Materials 15002000
2Estimating, Costing and Valuation 15002000
3Surveying 15002000
4Soil Mechanics 15002000
5Hydraulics 15002000
6Irrigation Engineering 15002000
7Transportation Engineering 15002000
8Environmental Engineering 15002000
9Structural Engineering 15002000
10Theory of structures 15002000
11Concrete Technology 15002000
12RCC Design 15002000
13Steel Design 15002000

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